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Christians must Speak Truth in Love to Muslims to win the world to Christ, and this Guide lights the way!
Essay By Kamal Saleem (former Al Qaeda Terrorist from age 7, sent to America to destroy us, Christians and Jews! Who would know more about speaking truth in love to Muslims than Kamal Saleem, a life-long Muslim terrorist?)


I was awakened to Islam at an early age through the teaching of my family, madras, and the Muslim brotherhood. I learned from the Hadith the life and the sayings of Muhammad and the Koran the holy book of Islam that my eternity will be judged by my works.

Sura 99:6-8 (speaking of the of judgment) On the day when men shall come up in separate bands to show their works, and he who does the weight of a dust particle of good shall see it, 8 and he who does the weight of a dust particle of evil shall see it.

What it is saying that Allah will weigh good and bad works and whatever is greater a person would go to paradise or hell.


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