America’s War with Muslims


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Federal Court evidence exposes President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder advocating for Muslims against Christians despite 108 guilty verdicts convicting American Muslims and 302 co conspirator American Muslim non profits and mosques raising funds to War against America.


Despite this alarming evidence Defendant’s predecessors discovered and used to send Muslim Leaders to prison for life, evidence exposing Muslim mosques as secret Pentagons, where Imams acting as Spiritual advisors have Superior powers to American Courts, with the power to issue Fatwas and murder Muslims who fail to comply with his orders or any non-Muslim he chooses,  where Imams collect donations in the name of Religion and Charity, then funnel those very donations to the world wide Muslim stated mission to “eliminate America”, and “killing Christians and Jews wherever they find them”, Defendants not only refuse to take vital, defensive, corrective action to protect American citizens at war, including the very minimum common sense actions of immediately declaring America’s war with Muslims.


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